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Friday, February 12, 2010

How To Avoid Wedding Day Disasters

Your big day is fast approaching and you want to make sure your wedding day is perfect. Well here are a few hair and makeup tips you want to keep in mind before your big day.

1) Avoid using mascara that isn't waterproof on your wedding day. You will cry your mascara onto your face, creating a makeup disaster. Also use a waterproof glue if you choose to use false lashes to prevent lifting.

2) If you are doing your own makeup, use products you have used before from your personal kit. If you try something new, you may have a negative reaction.

3) Never wax eyebrows the day of the wedding. You could have an allergic reaction. Wax 2-3 days before.

4) It's a good idea to do a trial run of hair and makeup before the big day. You might be disappointed with your look on your big day.

5) Dab your tears with a tissue or cloth to avoid smearing your makeup. Never wipe!

6) Hiring a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for your big day is a good way to avoid wedding day disasters.

7) When choosing a makeup artist or hair stylist, ask for references from past brides. Ask questions like "Did they show up on time? Were they prepared with tools in hand?"

8) Schedule your hair appointment then makeup on your wedding day. Hair spray, gel, shedding or cut hair will fall onto the face. It's easier to clean it up if the hair is done first.

9) Avoid wearing heavy makeup on you big day. You will need touch-ups throughout the day. You will really look cakey.

10) Start a regimen of regularly conditioning your hair months before your wedding. Nothing's worse than dry, dull hair on your big day.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eye Shadow base

Have you had the hardest time trying to get your eyeshadow to last all day long? Well wonder no more. Try Urban Decay's Eyeshadow potion www.urbandecay.com. Not only does it last all day, but it your eyeshadow color will really pop and it doesn't crease. When you apply it to your eyelid, blend it very quickly before it dries or you will see sharp edges. Once it dries it lasts the entire day.

To convert your daytime eyeshadow into an evening look, use Illusions Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base (in the pot container) www.illusionsbeauty.com. I promise you not only will it last through the evening, but your color will really pop. By using this product, you will not need to completely start over with your makeup application.